It is here

Your stop in Wrocław – the space and flavours that connects, and the future that is the reality.

Welcome to the FN Restaurant – a cosy place that combines tradition and modernity. It’s the place where you can feed your body and mind, rest and work, take care of relationships and make new friends.

Make yourself comfortable, taste life, and check out how the future can look.

Our dishes change depending on the season. Our goal is to focus on fresh and local products. That’s why we conjure up dishes that aren’t only delicious, but also healthy, and also – well known, but unique.

You can always try our 4 specialties, which we serve regardless of the season:

Spicy - tiger prawns
Fried in butter with the addition of white wine, garlic, parsley, chilli and ginger. Served with sugar snap peas, fresh vegetable salad and homemade scones
Classic - corn chicken on grilled vegetables
Corn chicken fillet served on grilled seasonal vegetables
Delightful - pork tenderloin
On a green mashed potatoes with peas and buttered spinach, served with green peas and apple mousse
Exquisite - baked salmon
Salmon fillet baked in Teriyaki sauce, served on butter stewed spinach with mashed potatoes and crispy saltwort (sea asparagus)
Let's meet and have a good time

In the heart of Wrocław, you’ll find a place where you can get take a deep breath and rest from everyday activities, but also meet current or new business partners. Delicious food, aromatic coffee and a zone full of energy will be conducive to your activities. Don’t wait: turn your plans and dreams into reality. The FN Restaurant gives you a space for it.

Let's get to know each other and work together

In the FN Restaurant, you can meet with members of your community or use this space to integrate your employees. The conference room will be perfect for inspiring brainstorming or organizing important training. Or maybe to celebrate your successes and special occasion? Plenty of possibilities are waiting here.

The future is here

You can be sure: in the FN Restaurant, we create an intimate atmosphere and take care of nurturing good traditions, but this is also where something new develops. Here you can meet technology that shapes the world and at the same time delivers an answer to the needs of modern people. This is one of the few places where you will pay using the cryptocurrency (FTO), and also buy or sell Bitcoins and FuturoCoins using a special ATM machine. Be part of a changing world. It’s happening here.

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