inspiring space

Where online meets offline

The space that connects

Welcome to the FN Restaurant – a great place to host a variety of meetings. No matter if you want to establish new business contacts or take care of your friendships – it will always be the right space. An intimate coffee table or a fully functional conference room? Or maybe a comfortable place to drink coffee and work remotely? You can find it all here! In the FN Restaurant, At FutureNet, you can cherish any community you belong to or which you create, regardless of your requirements. A joint meal will strengthen your contacts, merge your team or help you establish new cooperation. Delicious coffee will give you a boost to act. Are you visiting Wroclaw? In the FN Restaurant, you will find the best space to act.

The flavours that help to get closer

A FN Restaurant is a place for everyone who wants to taste delicious and healthy dishes. You don’t have to identify with the FutureNet community, but you can see what inspires us in life. Good food is one of those spheres that make every day even better. Here you will effectively spend time sharing your unique culinary experience with others. The FN Restaurant is a space where you can meet outside the Web and taste life together, enjoying carefully cooked, seasonal dishes based on fresh ingredients and local delicacies which are our hallmarks! In the FN Restaurant, you can easily combine business with pleasure. It’s a home for modern business.

The future that is real

The FN Restaurant is not only a place for your meetings, contacts cultivating, business running or life tasting – it also means a tangible proof of technological progress and dynamic development of the FutureNet platform. In this space you can pay for your meal or coffee with FuturoCoins or exchange them for a different currency. In the restaurant you will find Futuromat, thanks to which you can quickly buy or sell FTO. This special ATM makes it easier for the whole FutureNet community to get out of the virtual world and meet live. Now, in the center of Wroclaw, you will pay quickly and conveniently with cryptocurrency! Check it out yourself and see that FN Restaurant is your second home.

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